Enjoy a guided tour and see the interior of the main residence and the guesthouse.
15 years ago this early 18th century farmhouse consisted of the main house and the stable, which was converted to a home under the guidance of a well-known architect. With vision and respect for the traditional building style of La Touraine.

Colour palette

Using local construction materials and the authentic colour palette of the region, preserving many original details.
During the restoration much modern comfort was invisibly integrated.
Interior, as well as exterior, are both in a very good condition, which means you can move into the house as soon as you like.

Change or adapt

But it is also possible to change or adapt Les Raffoux to your own taste and insight, should you wish to do so.
There is permission to extend the main residence to its original size and to convert the attic into a habitable surface.
There are also various options for the Dutch barn : replace it or convert it into a 3rd home, a garage with domestic quarters or horse boxes.

Detailed tour

The following gallery offers an overview of the rooms in the main residence and the guesthouse. The blueprints of both houses are included.